View the growing list of W3C RDF Solutions and Services offered in the marketplace (that are part of the DCA Sandbox to highlight interoperability).

Theoretically and in general, W3C RDF solutions work well together, especially when compared to the API mess in the application-centric environment. In reality, there are a few issues that may still need to be addressed including: mapping different ontologies, entity resolution mapping, and platform system integration (for the user interface, authentication, security, etc.). That’s what the DCA Sandbox is for.

Industry Knowledge Graph™ Platform

Data Centric Strategic Planning™

IndustryKG™ Triples to Go

Semantic Arts Consulting Services

Ontotext Solutions

Foodpairing AI Solutions

Fluree Solutions

Want to Add Your Solution to the List?

If you want your W3C RDF solution listed here (aka: you want to play in the DCA Sandbox to show clients how your solution plays well with others) contact Alan Michaels, Chief W3C RDF Cheerleader to the Strategy & Corporate Planning Community – a LinkedIn group you are welcome to join to help educate the business community.