Be Strategic

Corporate Strategy and Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (the data the company needs to make decisions) go hand in hand.

To Corporate Planning Officers: in the data-centric era, data is a first-class citizen. Think of a master enterprise data glossary, where company data (things) are defined once, and once only (contrast with the current environment where many LOBs often come up with different definitions for the same terms making cross-industry analyses difficult).

As the CPO, this should be a new added responsibility you take on as part of the normal (expected) role of helping the LOBs define their respective businesses, their goals, their strategies, etc., and some additional input to feed the ontologists what they need.

To Ontologists and Data-Centric Architects: try and make friends with the corporate planning officer (CPO). A common request (aka: wish) is that the business get involved in terms of interest and funding. With the CPO you get both, as well as “alignment with the business” thrown in as a bonus.