DCA Sandbox

IF you believe in industry standards such as W3C and RDF,
THEN come play in our sandbox
to demonstrate how W3C RDF solutions can work together (with minimal effort) for the benefit of our joint clients.

Starting in February we plan to introduce the DCA Sandbox so that W3C RDF friendly companies can get to know each other and show how their solutions and/or services might work together.

Industry Knowledge Graph LLC will be providing triples (IBB data) on six companies so that participants can test how their W3C RDF solutions can provide added benefits that each solution alone (acting as a silo) cannot provide.

You can view the six companies in the tab for Sandbox Company Data.

You can view the list of IBB industries for each company above in the Industry Knowledge Graph free demo.

And you can view the type of industry data available in each industry in the tab for Sandbox Industry Data.

If you are a data provider, or have internal data you would like to monetize, and your data would be enhanced by being combined with the Industry Knowledge Graph data, please contact Alan Michaels. We can make our subscription service available and provide you with an additional way to monetize your data assets.