Sandbox Case Study

The example case study with IBB data (RDF triples) supplied by Industry Knowledge Graph LLC is for company Top Parent = Byrne Dairy Inc.
In our scenario, we analyze Byrne Dairy and then compare it to one of its competitors, Turkey Hill Dairy (see free IKG demo). The two companies compete head-to-head in eight industries, half of them in the Frozen Desserts – Ice Cream group. An example ice cream dessert that Byrne Dairy is not in that Turkey Hill provides is Industry = Ice Cream Cakes Manufacturing which is analyzed below in this scenario.
Note: we plan to expand the scenario (and data provided in the DCA Sandbox) via linkages with The Team. For example, imagine a scenario where Byrne Dairy wants insights into new flavors. Foodpairing AI could potentially provide sample (W3C RDF) data into the mix. Theoretically, W3C RDF solutions are simple to integrate. It does, however, require some thinking and, at a minimum, linking and mapping the respective knowledge graphs so they can each identify “Byrne Dairy Inc.”

Byrne Dairy Inc. Data

Summary Data:

Primary Market BrandByrne Dairy Inc
Alternative Label(s)Byrne; Byrne Dairy
Legal NameByrne Dairy Inc
DescriptionYogurt, milk, ice cream, more dairy products, convenience stores + more
Tag LineBYRNE since 1933
# of Distinct Industry Groups it Competes In19
# of Distinct Industries it Competes In35
# of Distinct Divisions10
# of Distinct Primary Market Brands10
# of Distinct Product / Service Offerings34
# of Distinct Top Parent Organizations it Competes With136
Street Address2394 US Route 11 Lafayette, NY 13084
Legal Organization TypePrivate Company

Industry Groups:

  • Butter Manufacturing
  • Cheese Manufacturing for Cow Milk Cheese
  • Dairy Beverage Manufacturing
  • Dairy Cream Manufacturing
  • Dips
  • Donut, Snack Cake, Cake & Pie Manufacturing
  • Egg Production
  • Food Related Packaging Services
  • Frozen Dessert Ingredients
  • Frozen Desserts – Dairy
  • Frozen Desserts – Ice Cream
  • Fuel Stations
  • Limited-Service Fast-Food Restaurants
  • Milk Manufacturing
  • Whipped Cream & Whip Toppings
  • Wholesale Beverages
  • Wholesale Foods
  • Wholesale Frozen Foods
  • Yogurt & Sour Cream

Lines of Business (aka: Industries it competes in)

  • Salted Butter and Sweet Butter Manufacturing
  • Cheese /Cottage Cheese Manufacturing
  • Cheese / Ricotta Cheese Manufacturing
  • Cheese / Monterey Jack Cheese Manufacturing
  • Eggnog Manufacturing
  • Half and Half Manufacturing
  • Heavy Cream and Heavy Whipping Cream Manufacturing
  • French Onion Dips Manufacturing
  • Donuts Manufacturing
  • Regular Farm Fresh Chicken Egg Production
  • Fresh Dairy Food Processing Services
  • Fresh Dairy Food Packing Services
  • Soft Serve Ice Cream Mixes Manufacturing
  • Frozen Yogurt Manufacturing
  • Sorbet, Sherbet and Sherbert Manufacturing
  • Ice Cream Cones Manufacturing
  • Ice Cream / Regular Tub Ice Cream Manufacturing
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Cookies Manufacturing
  • Ice Cream Fruit Bars Manufacturing
  • Ice Cream Sandwiches Manufacturing
  • Ice Cream Cups Manufacturing
  • Gas Stations with Convenience Stores
  • Fast Food Sandwich and Soup and Salad Restaurants
  • Milk / Chocolate Milk Manufacturing
  • Milk / Nonchocolate Flavored Milk Manufacturing
  • Milk / Regular Milk Manufacturing
  • Milk / Buttermilk Manufacturing
  • Dairy Based Whipped Cream Manufacturing
  • Pure Juice and Flavored Juice Drinks Wholesale and Distribution Services
  • Dairy Products and Cheeses Wholesale and Distribution Services
  • Ice Cream and Frozen Desserts Wholesale and Distribution Services
  • Yogurt / Regular Yogurt Manufacturing
  • Yogurt / Greek Yogurt Manufacturing
  • Yogurt / Probiotic Yogurt Manufacturing
  • Sour Cream Manufacturing

Logical Hierarchy (partial view)

. . . example of decoupling “Byrne Dairy Ice Cream Division”

. . . example of decoupling “Byrne Dairy Ice Cream Sandwiches”

Top Parent Competitors (sorted by of # industries in common)

  • Dairy Farmers of America
  • HP Hood LLC
  • Land O’Lakes
  • Target Corporation
  • Organic Valley
  • Stewart’s Shops
  • Almarai Company
  • ARLA Foods
  • Danone SA
  • Lactalis
  • Lotte Holdings Company Ltd
  • Post Holdings Inc
  • Turkey Hill Dairy
  • Walmart Inc
  • Adecoagro
  • Agri-Mark Inc
  • Alexandre Family Farm
  • Cowbella
  • Five Acre Farms
  • Froneri International Ltd
  • Instantwhip Foods Inc
  • Kuwait Projects Company
  • Mountain Dairy
  • Saputo Inc
  • Tiger Brands Ltd
  • Battenkill Valley Creamery LLC
  • Crystal Brook Farms
  • Daisy Brand LLC
  • Ferrero Group
  • General Mills Inc
  • Kraft Heinz Company
  • New Hope Group
  • Perry’s Ice Cream Company Inc
  • Purity Ice Cream Company
  • and many more.

Byrne Dairy Inc. Compared to Turkey Hill Dairy (Details in demo)

Focus on Byrne Dairy + Turkey Hill Dairy competing in Frozen Desserts – Ice Cream.

Ice Cream Cakes Manufacturing

Industry Summary

Type Industry
Preferred Label Ice Cream Cakes Manufacturing

Industry Classification Systems

Industry Attractiveness

Industry Forecasts

Industry Competitors – by Top Parents

  • Dairy Farmers of America
  • Turkey Hill Dairy
  • General Mills Inc
  • Purity Ice Cream Company
  • Froneri International Ltd
  • Cayuga Lake Creamery
  • Roark Capital Group
  • Rich Products Corporation

Industry Competitors – by Market Brands

  • Carvel
  • Haagen Dazs
  • Purity
  • Rich’s
  • Jon Donaire
  • Friendly’s
  • Turkey Hill
  • Cayuga lake Creamery

Additional IBB data to be (ingested and then) provided in February:

  • Industry Product Varieties
  • Industry Buyer Types
  • Industry Channel Types
  • Industry Trends
  • Economic Trends Specific to This Industry
  • Geopolitical Trends Specific to This Industry
  • Technical Trends Specific to This Industry