By February, it is expected that this section will list and link to many events that are focused on W3C RDF and gist. You can find out more about gist at the Semantic Arts website which includes gist downloads and information regarding the monthly gist events.

Every Tuesday at 2pm NY (EST) time (through December 17, 2024) you can join our discussion currently focused on:
Corporate Strategy and M&A Best Practices Using Knowledge Graphs
via this link. As more and more W3C RDF solutions join the DCA Sandbox, the scope of the KG discussion will expand.

Feb 12 & Feb 13: 2024 Enterprise Data Transformation Symposium Event by Semantic Arts, Inc. More details here.

June 2024 – The 6th Annual Data Centric Architecture Forum in Fort Collins, CO, an event for semantic practitioners. Details here.