The Team

To help win the Data-Centric Revolution, the Industry Knowledge Graph LLC team is taking the following two actions:

  1. Expand “The Team” to include all like-minded organizations that believe in W3C RDF industry standards (with those that use Gist and follow the Data-Centric School of Ontology Design going to the front of the line).
  2. Use the website as the primary source for C-Suite and LOB Executives to understand WHY their business should Be Data-Centric.

As part of the vision to lead the effort in changing minds to “Be Data-Centric” we want to specifically promote data-centricity and Linked Data to the benefit of the end user via actual examples that facilitate making strategic decisions, aka: to “Be Strategic“.

Starting in February we plan to introduce the DCA Sandbox so companies can get to know each other and show how their solutions and/or services might work better together. Industry Knowledge Graph LLC will be providing triples (IBB data) on six companies and a dozen granular industries so that participants can test how easily their W3C RDF solutions can be integrated – a key buyer purchase criteria.

If you plan to play in the DCA Sandbox, contact Alan Michaels, Chief W3C RDF Cheerleader to the Strategy & Corporate Planning Community.