About Us

We believe in Dave McComb‘s vision which he so well described in his book, “The Data-Centric Revolution: Restoring Sanity to Enterprise Information Systems” in 2019 giving the strong inspiration that, in turn, led to the birth of the Company Knowledge Graph™, aka: CompanyKG™ in March 2020.

In context, this is part of our (2020) three-step KG development plan:

  1. Industry Knowledge Graph™ (aka: IndustryKG™) our initial graph solution provides an industry analysis on the more than 24,000 industries which make up the global economy. In addition, IndustryKG analyzes over 10,000 leading companies in terms of clarifying the specific granular (five-forces level) industries they compete in.
  2. Company Knowledge Graph™ (aka: CompanyKG™) is this informational website designed for the C-Suite to explain why companies should become data-centric and how the improved data modeling and data-centricty impact both IT and business decision making (along with suggestions on how to update your corporate planning process). In addition, CompanyKG will showcase W3C RDF solutions that work well together, making it much easier and faster for companies to become data centric.
  3. Economy Knowledge Graph™ (aka: EconomyKG™) is for a complete understanding of the global economy (theoretically) including all economic data. EconomyKG is a future vision for linking many knowledge graphs that include a wide array of economic data types from around the world from many data vendors.

The “Us” in “About Us” begins with Industry Knowledge Graph LLC and includes a growing list of companies and professional that believe in W3C RDF standards, many of which have signed the Data-Centric Manifesto and/or are featured on this website.

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