Be Data-Centric & Be Strategic

CompanyKG.com is an informational website designed for the C-Suite to:

  1. Explain WHY you should become a data-centric company.
  2. Raise the general technical understanding of the C-Suite in terms of a few technologies that are key to being data-centric (which goes far beyond being just data driven) as well as to facilitate better communications throughout the organization about knowledge graphs and data centricity.
  3. Describe suggested changes to your corporate planning process that should be made for better decision making made possible by the data-centric approach which increases the value and potential uses of your data. This includes adding a section to each BU plan and each shared department (cost center) plan that is used as input for a shared enterprise glossary and other data needed by your data-centric developers.
  4. Showcase leading W3C RDF (industry standard) data-centric solutions that work very well together (view the DCA Sandbox) to help dramatically speed up your transition to a data-centric enterprise (without the lock-in that typical application vendors are able to employ).
  5. Encourage the C-Suite to act now! by immediately subscribing to IndustryKG and updating your corporate planning process starting with an enterprise business glossary.

Interesting Competitive Insight: 2024 is a year where many companies will be able to leapfrog their competitors who have been at this for years because so much of your semantic Enterprise Knowledge Graph can now be licensed, starting with a solid foundation using gist ontology which is free with the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-ShareAlike license.

By adding a best practice (aka: Michael Porter five forces) industry information foundation using Industry Knowledge Graph™ to immediately support your key corporate and business unit strategic decisions – your data foundation will be strategic and rock solid.

In short, in the first month that you take your first step with this enterprise framework, the C-Suite is in a position to strategically build a roadmap for your data-centric journey based on your priorities, with many generic industry-standard solutions (puzzle pieces) available for license form a smorgasbord of premium vendors, as well as numerous consulting firms that specialize in knowledge graph development and implementation (like Semantic Arts) to help your firm with any unique (competitive-advantage based) requirements you have.